Hiroshima diary

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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2011
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Finally it was my birthday, August 6th 1945 and I was turning 23 years old that day. I lived in Hiroshima, Japan and I was in my house getting ready to have lunch with my friends at my favoriterestaurant. When i was ready i headed out and started walking to the restaurant. i heard a loud noise and when i looked up i saw a bunch of airplanes with the United State's flag and one of them had a bigsign that said ENOLA GAY. i was scared but i continued walking my way, and suddenly an intense yellow light overwhelmed me and the heat i felt was intolerable. i heard an extremely loud noise, andafter that i saw myself standing in the middle of a public park with nothing else but grass around me. Everything outside the park started falling down, all the buildings and houses came to the ground ina matter of seconds, i could see fire everywhere and people were running, bleeding screaming and some of them were burning. when everything stopped blowing away and all the buildings stopped fallingdown, i started looking for someone who would help me find a way to get out of that horrible place. As i walked, i saw dead bodies of people all over the place and i actually had to shake off graspinghands that grabbed my leg pleading for help. while i was still searching for someone alive i heard from behind the sound of a bunch of kids crying and screaming, and when i turned i saw about 5school teachers trying to calm down and take the little girls all in their uniforms to a safe place. i joined the teachers and we walked almost all night until we got to a little farm on the outside ofhiroshima, the rest of the night we all sat there watching our beloved city burning down in flames. the next day we and all the other survivors were taken to another city to a shelter were we all had tolive until we found a new home. that day according to the Japan times, 140,000 people died from the bombing and 217,137 people were claimed victims of the bomb, the "little boy". two days later,...
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