Historia De Un Adolescente

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English workshop for seventh graders. Teacher: Diego Fernando Lucumi

In each of the following sentences, indicate whether the underlined string is a direct object or an indirect object.
* The senator’s comments caused a great deal of anger.
direct object indirect object
* The company is offering employees a generous severance package
direct object indirect object
*Tell me your news.
direct object indirect object
* I’ll call you a taxi.
direct object indirect object
* They owe the bank a small fortune.
direct object indirect object
Label the direct objects (DO) and indirect objects in the following sentences. Be careful: some of these sentences contain none of the above.
1. My sister Mary teaches math and physical education at the high school.2. I gave my younger sister a lovely necklace for her graduation.
3. The teacher was sick yesterday. In fact, she went to the hospital for some tests.
4. I enjoy television. My favorite programs are NYPD and Nature.
5. The students felt great about their essays. The teacher returned them this morning.
6. No, I have not told Karen about the party. I will tell her tonight.7. My father is quiet and shy. He is an excellent auto mechanic.
8. Jerry told her the story about the lost dog. It was really a sad story.
9. Usually for breakfast my wife has tea, cereal, and a banana.
10. Marilyn walked to the store, then to the school, and finally to the bank
Read the paired sentences aloud. Write "A" in the blank beside the sentence in the active voice,"P" in the blank beside the sentence in the passive voice.
a) _______ Louise made the coffee.
b) _______ The coffee was made by Louise.
c) _______ The package was advertised by the travel agent.
d) _______ The travel agent advertised the package.

Rewrite these sentences to put them in the active voice.
a. The sugar water was relished by the hummingbirds.
b.Jogging is done by many people for exercise.
c. A standing ovation was given to the guitar player.
d. The syllabus was handed out by the professor.
Rewrite the following paragraph in the active voice.
Last summer our house was painted by me. The job took about two weeks. First, theexterior was washed using warm water and a mild detergent. Then all the chinks and pores in thewalls weresealed with putty. After the putty had had a chance to dry, the exterior could bepainted. A latex paint was used because it is easy to apply and cleans up with water. A wholeweek was needed to finish this part of the job. I was very careful to apply the paint evenly
Because I did not want to have to apply two coats. A color was used that was very close to theoriginal color. Our house is a two-storyhouse, which meant that a tall ladder was needed to dothe second story. The paint can had to be balanced on the top rung of the ladder while I worked.
When the job was finished, a great deal of satisfaction was felt by me. I had to pat myself on theback. Even my dad said that a good job was done.

Write in the passive.
1. Peter bought the house .
2. Mary will bring the wine .3. My friends are repairing the car.
4. Most students speak English in this class .
5. An elderly couple sheltered her .
6. A policeman helped him .
7. She finished her work by nine o'clock .
8. Nobody can repair this broken chair .
9. They carried him into the hospital .
10. Are they typing the letters? .
11. They have not takenthe car into the garage .
12. Someone has spilt some milk on the carpet .
13. Did anyone answer your question? .
14. They showed me the cathedral .
15. They told the children to leave the room .
16. They allowed her to go to the dining room .
17. They didn't tell me the truth .
18. Someone will give you a new notebook .
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