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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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200West 56th street New York, NY 10019.
CONTRACT AND RENTAL AGREEMENT FORM THIS SHORT TERM RENTAL AGREEMENT here-inafter referred to as “Lease”, made and entered into 9th day ofOctober, 2010 by and between ROY MURRAY, here-in after referred to as "Owner," and CARLOS VILLANUELA hereinafter referred to as "Renter," hereby rents from Owner and grants to Renter pursuant to allstate laws, the vacation residence described below in its present condition, under the terms herein stated. Property:
Resort Name:


Resort Address: 200West 58 street NewYork, NY Time share Unit Description: 1Bedroom; 2Bathroom Suite Lease Period: Start date and time: December 25th 2010
End date and time:


January 2nd 2011 Renter: Name:___________________________________ Address: __________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: ____________________________________ Zip: ______________________________________ Phone:____________________________________ Fax: ______________________________________

Timeshare Owner: Name: ROY MURRAY Address: 100 west 58th street City: NEW YORK State: NEW YORK Zip: 10019 Phone:212-460-7234

Rental Amount: $2,000 PAYMENT DETAILS. BANK NAME: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK ACCOUNT NAME: SUSAN CARL ACCOUNT NUMBER: 928755271 ROUTING NUMBER: 111000614 SWIFT CODE: CHASUS33 BANK ADDRESS: 8012nd Avenue, New York, NY 10017. 1. Renter agrees to pay the following sums of money to Owner in consideration of this lease Upon deposit, Owner agrees to ensure that the vacation time is in the name ofthe Renter and to notify Renter of this. Renter agrees to confirm the reservation with the management of the property and that it has been made accurately. 2. Renter shall not sublet this leasewithout Owner’s express written consent. 3. Occupancy shall be no more than Eight (5) persons. Renter agrees to abide by policies set by the management, refrain from loud noise and to return unit in clean...
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