Historia Económica De América

The 1840’s and 1850’s was a rather clam time, there were two sets of states, the western (Chile and the other western states) and Eastern (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil), there was no majorwarfare until the beginning of 1864 when Brazil and Argentina tried to influence the Uruguayan politics to their own benefits, and they even might have become involved in a war against each otherover Uruguay. But Paraguay managed to get all three of these states into a war against it. Until 1860’s Paraguay was ruled by dictators, the second Dictator, Carlos Antonio Lopez, putted his sonFrancisco Solano Lopez in charge of Paraguay’s army, in that role he traveled to Europe to get arms, and ammunition, following the ideas of Napoleon III in France, in 1862 his father died and he became thepresident of Paraguay, he was suspicious about Brazil and Argentina’s motives towards Uruguay, in 1864 when he was sure of the imperialistic ambitions of Brazil when sent his army through Argentina toget to Uruguay even though Argentina did not allow it, so he found himself in war against this three countries, during the war a secret treaty was known where Brazil and Argentina agreed to fighttogether against Paraguay and then they would just divide the territory for themselves, numbers show that the war cost something between 8.7 and 19.5 of its prewar population .
Nations of the westernside objected to the plan of disarming Paraguay and this culminated in the war of the pacific with Chile on one side and Peru and Bolivia in the other, they fought over the rich in nitrate Atacamadesert, the Chileans were the most successful but unfortunately in the territory that belonged to Peru and Bolivia, so they raised taxes and set barriers to the Chilean success, what Chile answered by usingthe force, they won that war that began in 1879 and was done by 1883, they took Antofagasta and other places from Bolivia and Peru, Chile entered an era of economic growth due to the minerals that...
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