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Philip Morris Co.
Philip Morris was a single tobacconist importer of London; he opened a small store in Bond Street, London. His job was the selling of tobacco and cigarettes. But in 1854 everythingchange and he started to produce his own brand of cigarettes. Morris died in 1873 but what looks like the end of the business, was only the beginning of a huge global business. After his dead hiswidow Margaret and his brother Leopold Morris continued with the store and with the market. But everything started until 1902 when they opened their market to the United States, Philip Morris Co. soldthe fifty percent of the company to the U.S. immersionists. Immediately Philip Morris Co. started to have success U.S. inversionists decide to buy the other fifty percent to London and Philip Morrispassed to be an American tobacconist company.
Philip Morris was established in Richmond, Virginia. Where today is established de biggest factory of cigarettes. In 1924 Philip Morris decided to launchhis most famous and worldwide known brand “Marlboro” named like that because the first factory was locates in Marlborough Street in London, not the shop, the factory.
The thoughts that women was weakerand more delicate than men in that time guides Philip Morris Co. to invent a cigarette for women and the best way to make softer the flavor of the cigarette was to use a filter in one of the sides.So the first Marlboro cigarettes were made for women. The first slogan for Marlboro was “Mild as May” referring to the soft flavor because of the filter. After that everything was good but PhilipMorris Co. thought how to give more comfort to the smoking women so the decide to put a red band in the red side of the filter to hide lipstick stains and there comes the second slogans that was “BeautyTips to Keep the Paper of Your Lips”.
Men were concerned to be seen smoking a women’s cigarette and that makes Philip Morris Co. to think in a new marketing campaign to extend the segment for man...
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