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The planning is to set the specific course of action to be followed, establishing the principles which will guide you, the sequence of operations to perform, and thedetermination of time and numbers required to conduct it." A. Reyes Ponce.
“Ernest Dale. "Determination of the set of objectives to be obtained in the future and the steps needed to achieve them throughtechniques and procedures defined" Ernest Dale.
"Planning is the selection and relationship facts and the formulation and use of assumptions about the future for the display and development of proposedactivities that are believed necessary to achieve the expected results" George R. Terry.

"Planning is the first step of the administrative process by which a problem is defined, analyzed pastexperiences and plans and programs are muffled" JA Fernández Arenas.
"The planning is to determine the objectives and policies, procedures and methods for achieving" LJ Kazmi.

" A system that beginswith the objectives, develops policies, plans, procedures, and has a method of feedback information to adapt to any change in circumstances" Burt K. Scanlan.

"Method by which the manager looks tothe future and discover the alternative courses of action, from which establishes the goals" Joseph L. Massie.
"Planning is the process for deciding the actions to be undertaken in the future,usually the planning process is to consider different alternatives in the course of actions and decide which one is the best" Robert N. Anthony.
Elements of the concept
* Target.
The key point inplanning is to determine the results.
* Alternative courses of action.
When planning is necessary to determine various ways, forms of action and strategies to achieve the objectives.
* Choice.The planning involves identifying, analyzing and selecting the most appropriate decision.
* Future.
Is planning forecasts and to anticipate uncertain events, prepare for contingencies and to...
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