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Rome is a city in southern Europe, located in the Italian peninsula. Capital of the Italian Republic, is also the most populous city of the same, head (in Italian Capoluogo) in the provinceof the same name and region of Lazio. Its area is 1,285 km ².
During its long history has been the seat of the Roman Empire.
It is the spiritual center of Catholicism. Its historic center, wherethey mix remains of nearly three millennia, has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
In the west of the city is the enclave of Vatican City, an independent and sovereign state, the center of theCatholic Church.
Rome is located in the center of the peninsula, in the Lazio region, on both banks of the Tiber River, about 20 km from its mouth in the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the center of theMediterranean Sea, the source of their wealth. Its population is 2,741,086 inhabitants, together with those of its metropolitan area amounts to 4.33 million.
Its historical significance is enormous.Considered one of the cradles of Western civilization, each year attracts millions of visitors, attracted by the ruins of its former glory and its innumerable works of art.
The origin of the name of Romehas been the subject of various theories. The word is of Latin origin, which is a language belonging to the Indo-European linguistic stock. The word "Roma" resembles the word "Romulus," the legendaryfirst king of the city. Also resembles that of his brother "Remo" killed himself according to legend.
Obviously the name of Romulus Rome is a post set up, apparently to explain the name of the city.Still, this myth may have some historical support, being a character Romulo unifying of the peoples who formed Rome in its distant past. However, apparently the origin of the name of Rome would be morerelated to the former name of the river Tiber.
But there are other possibilities: one refers to Rome would be the daughter of Aeneas or Evandrus. Recent studies seem to give the word meaning...
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