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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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Independece of Mexico
September 16 is celebrated the day in Mexico begins the fight by the independence in 1810, this fight at the beginning was headed by Miguel Hidalgo and Ignacio Allende, where Creoles started to prepared and to fight for the independence. On September 16, 1810, carrying a banner with the image of our Lady of Guadalupe, patron of Mexico, Hidalgo launched the so-called cry ofpain that the revolt began, and accompanied by Allende, managed to gather an army consisting of more than 40,000 Mexicans.
Mexico 16 September is the maximum of the homeland holiday.
This day does not work anyone not even the stock market. Most cities are celebrations civic, performing honors to the flag. Through the main streets of the cities is organized a parade where marching children fromdifferent schools, and others represent the events that occurred on September 16, 1810.
Afternoon continues the party in the streets main, in this sold Mexican dishes like pozole, enchiladas, sopes, fritters, atole, etc. And all this entertains with folkloric dances, music band or mariachi.
Well outside of the country live Mexicans example in United states, Spain, Argentina and other countriesthey celebrate the independence eating Mexican food, showing the flag of Mexico, probably the listen Mexican music likes mariachi and others things.
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History of parks in Merida
Park of the Americas
The park was built in the government of Ernesto Novelo and has 3 sectors:
The first section hasarchitecture inspired of the style from the Mayas.
The second section is a construction that stylizes the configuration of the Maya cabanas. Stand the totemic figures from special of Yucatan: the pheasant and the deer. The central piece is the exhibition hall with murals of America. This area was built with the inspiration of an outdoor library of American background.
The third section is an outdoortheater, with an acoustic shell. The whole preparation suggests the memory of the construction of the 1 thousand columns in Chichen Itza and it’s very curious.
We think it is a beautiful park and represents some of the Maya civilization at the colony Garcia Ginerez.

The centennial zoo park
The centennial zoo park originally was proposed like a recreate park near the city; this was a stateinitiative of the celebrations in 1910 and promoted by the first centennial of our country.
The commission in charge of the construction proposed to it was a botanical garden but it didn’t work.
The remodeling more important was in 1962 counting with a supervisor from Zoo of Chapultepec.
In 1992 is created an aviary where housed 320 birds of 56 species.
Actually the zoo counts with 1151specimens of 45 species classified in mammals, reptiles and birds.
It’s a beautiful park where sometimes the people go to see the animals, be with them family and friends.


This great student is very good he approved all his school subjects since he was in the Prepa Yucatan.
The last school period he approved biology.
He is 17 years old, and he is one ofthe students in all the school with the best average, he has 92 in all his subjects accumulated.
If you meet him you will never be disappointed, he is a very good guy and is a very good friend, and he always helps somebody and he doesn’t expect any of return
He has 2 dogs, he likes go out with him friends and he likes to study medicine.

In this second season as selection andworkshop, new profits that can benefit some students to help them a lot with the limited experience so we can have a good performance in the league. That will have to train a lot, collectively as a team, with attempt, dedication and patience to get a good performance in the competition.
The purpose of this year's basketball team will bring a trophy for the school and have been...
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