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  • Publicado : 28 de octubre de 2010
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NOVEMBER 07, 2009


My favorite season is summer,because I love the beach, tan, and family gatherings, enjoying the sun, but especially I like the climate of my hometown, because it's sunny 365 days a year, and because in thisclimate I'm not suffering from the flu, but the only thing I dislike is that there is no beach.
The city of Arequipa is located in southern Peru, is sunny 365 days a year, its weatherI like it because there are many sites where I can have fun with my family, as farms where we met my family, and I to enjoy the food that my grandmother often cook , with beer orsome typical Peruvian drink, this is done on weekends, and open field; ranch houses, and Picanterias (restaurants ) when we go to any restaurant, we go to The Picanterias which are openfield, with orchestra, and meals typical of the region, these activities I can to do throughout the year. Arequipa's climate is dry, because it is located at altitude, the climateis ideal for not get sick because you are not exposed to humidity, and only rains in December, January, February, and march; unlike other cities also located in southern Peru whichare wet for their proximity to the sea. by the geographical location of Arequipa this has not beaches because the city is located between the Cordillera of The Andes, this is theonly defect that I dislike about this city because I cannot enjoy a natural tan or I can bathe in the sea. I love the summer season, but unfortunately it only lasts three or fourmonths, for this reason I like the climate of the city of Arequipa, because I have fun all year, because I do not get sick, and because in the summer months go on vacation to the beach.
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