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  • Publicado : 14 de julio de 2010
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Dear Students

I want to congratulate you on this wonderful occasion. This afternoon we mark the end of our middle school years and the beginning of high school, and in many ways, we also mark theend of our childhood as we begin the journey through our teenage years and become young adults. You have started well because you have already succeeded. You should be proud you have found in you whatit takes to get to this half way mark. You have shown that you can learn, despite all the other attractions life offers. You stand ready for the challenges of high school and the world that will openits doors to you fully over the next few years.

We will be losing children and gaining young adults. You will continue to see change in your lives; you will meet new people, and enjoy newexperiences. Always remember your success here and keep those expectations high.

Each school year will be harder than the last. You will face harder challenges and situations that will require thoughtand difficult decision making. Your choices now will determine your achievements in the future.

Your dedication and hard work will be the tool to your success. Universities and colleges are lookingfor students who are active in school activities, community and who are able to work under pressure. Students at Colegio Maya have proven over 6 graduating classes that with heart, determination andendurance your dreams come true. Students who have graduated from our school have been in accepted at universities around the world and have earned scholarships proving that you are college material.Your G.P.A., SAT, PAES, TOEFL, and career choices are some of the things that you need to start to think about. Who you want to be can only be done through hard preparation and effort. We learn fromour mistakes and our errors we pick up and we move on. The universe is kind to us, and gives us many chances succeed. Your life too is full of chances and small opportunities to shine. Even if we...
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