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The house of wisdome

Beacon caravans legacy manuscripts medieval observatory

1. A warning reflective ______ will be placed off the west pier to warn sailors.2.There is an ____ on the top of an extinct volcano.

3. Consider leaving a ______ make us a gift in your will.

4. I was in my car and I drove past a caravan site and saw some_______.

5._________churches were not dedicated to saints at all.

6. Collections include autograph _________ of composers from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries.

Exercise on the Form of AdverbsFind the adjective in the first sentence and fill the gap with the adverb.

1. Joanne is happy. She smiles _happily_______________.
2. The boy is loud. He shouts ____________________.
3. HerEnglish is fluent. She speaks English _________________.
4. Our mum was angry. She spoke to us _____________________.
5. My neighbour is a careless driver. He drives ________________.
6. The painter isawful. He paints _________________.
7. Jim is a wonderful piano player. He plays the piano _____________.
8. This girl is very quiet. She often sneaks out of the house ___________.
9. She is agood dancer. She dances really ______________.
10. This exercise is simple. You ________ have to put one word in each space.

FUTURE GOING TOhttp://www.englishexercises.org/makeagame/viewgame.asp?id=5640

Exercise on Future I Simple (going to)
Principio del formulario

Put the verbs into the correct form (future ). Use going to.

1. It  (rain) __IS GOING TO RAIN______________.2. They (eat) _________________ stew.
3. I (wear) ___________________ blue shoes tonight.
4. We (not / help) _______________ you.
5. Jack (not / walk) _________________ home.
6. (cook /you) _______________ dinner?
7. Sue (share / not) ________________ her biscuits.
8. (leave / they) _____________ the house?
9. (take part / she) _________________________ in the contest?
10. I (not /...
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