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Jonathan Osorio Ávila

Study Guide Semestral

English Advanced

Teacher: Arturo Mata


Questions in simple past and simple present
1)Write five examples with each oneSIMPLE PRESENT SIMPLE PAST
a)Do you have a big dog? a)Did you have a big dog?
b)Do you like sandwich? b)Did you like sandwich?
c)Do you live inSpain? c)Did you live in Spain?
d)Do you play Ping-Pong? d)Did you play Ping-Pong?
e)Do you speak Spanish? e)Did you speakEnglish?

Questions in simple present and simple past

1)Written in that tense is

a)Why do you kiss him? Simple Present
b)Where do you play football? Simple past
c)Why did you sing? Presentcontinuous
d)Where did you are? Past continuous

Simple Present

1)Complete with while or when

Once, we went to USA to visit and old friend of mi mother While we were there, we drove past thecomer with the flowers When I smelled the fragrance.

2) Write in each word if it is sight, sound, touch, taste of smell.

a)Smell-taste of smell h)Audible-soundb)Acrid-sight i)Hard-touch
c)Faded-sight j)Smooth-sight
d)Rough-touch k)Bitter-tastee)Aroma-taste of smell l)Hot-touch
f)Fragrant-taste of smell m)Silent-sound
g)Savory-taste of smell n)Bright-sight

3) This makes these asimple present

a)My father is arriving at my home at six-My father is arrives at my home at six
b)The school will close-The school closes
c)This class is going to end at 11:30-This class ends at11:30
d)I´m everything school tomorrow-I return to school tomorrow
e)She´s going to have English lessons next month-She has English lessons

4)Correct the grammatical errors in the simple...
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