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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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Importance of English

The importance of English language for Information Technology.
English is the official language of the globalized world we are. However, forComputer learning English is not a luxury to have more opportunities for advancement, but a necessity for the job. In the previous section we discussed how computing is a realitythat affects us all, is tucked into all areas of our lives. But for developers is required to have functional English to help you achieve better learning curve and do abetter job.

1 - The computer is Anglo Source:
Importantly, you English speaking countries have historically been the forerunners in the development of technologies, mainlyin the area of Information and Computation. As technological powers have contributed to numerous discoveries and inventions, which are the basis of these sciences as we knowthem. For this reason, almost all of the technical vocabulary that we use has its foundation in the English language.

This influence is easily perceived from the outsetto study any course related to computer science. Words such as hardware, software and chip such as is frequently heard among those who study, work or simply use computers forentertainment, even when these and many other terms have their corresponding translation or equivalence in our native language.

The influence of English on the computerand the computer has major implications for us non-English speaking, software interfaces, their documentation, textbooks, the syntax of programming languages, much of theresources t the internet terminology of each new technology comes on the market is, at least in its first version, in English, being the de facto language of these sciences.
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