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_______ GRUPO _______________


To identify components of the computer, complete the following steps:
1. The four main components of the hardware are>
|a. |RAM ||
|b. |CPU | |
|c. |I / O devices | |
|d. |Operating System ||
|e. |Hard disk | |
|f. |Software | |2. Name the three main components of the SunOS operating system.  
1. The kernel 2. The shell 3. The directory hierarchy ____________________________________________________________


3. Define a memory operating system.  
Un sistema de memoria virtual permite a los operativos de la ejecución de los programas, como si más memoria disponibleque existe físicamente en la memoria RAM. SunOS 5.x es un la memoria virtual del sistema operativo.____________________________________________________________


4. List the three primary shells supported by the Solaris OS_
1. Bourne shell 2. C shell 3. Korn shell

5. Name the default shell for the root user in the Solaris 10OS_
Bourne shell.

6. Match the following terms with their descriptions>
|a |Shell |a. Core of the Solaris OS |
|b |Kernel |b. Command interpreter |
|c |Hard disk |c. Storage devices |

To use command/line features, completethe following steps>
1. Open a terminal window form the Tools section of the workspace menu, if you do not already have one open. Name the two components of command-line syntax that can enhance the capability of a command.


2. Enter the command to display information about the operatingsystem and the workstation name. _______________________

3. Execute the man uname command. List the functions of the -s and -r options to the uname command.



a.Enter the uname -s command. What information appears? __________________________________________________
b. Enter the uname –r command. What information appears?__________________________________________________

4. Enter the command to display the current time and date on your system________________________________________________

5. Display the month’s calendar. What command did youenter? ________________________________________________________

6. What special character is used to separate commands on a single command line? _________________________________________

7. Enter the command to clear your terminal window ____________________________________________________________


To access files and directories, complete the following steps. Write the...
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