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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2011
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Between my mind and heart:

I don’t know what to do, Stefan is kind hearted but Devon makes me feel alive… My story starts when I was Stefan’s Girlfriend. We just finished college and we were like the perfect couple. He was always so nice to me and he always listened to me. He asked me out one night to this fancy restaurant and we were talking about where we stood and boy did he know how tosweet talk me. Finally he asked me to marry him and I said yes gladly. But the honeymoon stage only lasted 6 months. We started working, I was a business woman and he was a realtor. I got home before him always but this particular day I got home and cooked a special dinner and I lighted up some candles. When I finished I went upstairs to shower and wore a really pretty red passion dress. I was soexcited. When Stefan got to the house and sat at the table I took his Jacket off and then I gave him a gentle kiss in the neck. Then he just said: “Honey, I’m not in the mood” But he didn’t seem tired or mad. I got mad so I went to our room, changed my dress to some pajamas and went to bed. I tried the same thing several times after and got the same answer so I stopped trying and hoped he tried buthe didn’t. One Saturday I was in the coffee shop and this big, handsome, and green eyed man came in and he was standing in line right behind me. The line was very long so he said “Excuse me” and my body felt warm. It was like a feeling that was bottled inside be for a very long time and was let out by this man who I just met. I answered and we kept talking and talking we didn’t even knew the linewent by. I ordered and then I turned and he leaned over and the tip of our noses almost touched my body felt hotter than ever and he gave the cashier money to pay for my order. Wow! I never knew how big his eyes were. He smelled so nice. Right when I was looking into his eyes my phone rang. It was Stefan. He asked me where was I so I told him I was at the coffee shop and then I would meet him athome. Devon asked if he could know who was at the phone. I answered that it was my husband. Then we sat in the coffee shop and we talked even more and the more I listened to his voice and looked at him faster and faster I was falling in love. It was wrong but I couldn’t help it he was so tanned and muscular with large lips and the way I felt when he leaned over me I never felt that before. I toldhim it was nice knowing him but that I had to go. And he held me back and asked me if he could have my number so I gave it to him. Then he told me with his sexy voice that he will call. He was so hot and he was so kind to me. I get home. Stefan was there and said: “So honey would you… I was thinking will he make a move after so long?! So he continued and said … go to a party with me?” I couldn’t sayyes quicker. So I showered and looked for the perfect dress and asked him “what do you think” I knew I looked good in it I just wanted to hear him say something about it but all he answered was “you look nice…” Nice, Only nice. Oh well we left to the party. He spent the whole party talking to his work buddies. There was this chick that started to flirt with him so I took advantage of the slowsong and told him that we should dance. So we go to the dance floor and I was hoping he would put his hands in my waist and hold me close but he didn’t. He held my hand and put his other hand behind my shoulder. We were dancing sort of close but yet I never felted us so apart from each other. Few days later Devon called me at the office at 5:30 p. m. and told me “look down your window” there was alimousine down stairs but I didn’t see him. So I asked where he was but he just said that when I finished my work to enter the limousine and it would take me to a restaurant. I was so exited and told him I would finish in half an hour and he said again with his sexy voice that he would wait a thousand years only for me. Wow he is so nice but I had to finish my work. I sat down, held the pen, and...
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