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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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Juan Esteban Diaz
Compassion is one of the four human urges. However, sometimes our other urges makes us act so that we do not feel or act compassionately with others. In my case, I really did notknow about these human urges until the talk in class. It really feels good to know that we do have them, so we can work on them.
Sometimes kids can be cruel. However, sometimes we do things withouthaving on mind the other person’s feelings, and we end up hurting them. Or maybe in my case I truly believe that people sometimes hurt other because they fear that it can happen to them too. By that Imean they are afraid others might make fun of them, so they make fun of other to fit in. Sometimes we cover our mistakes by making fun of others, and I have to say that I joke around a lot, but neverwith wrong intentions. I can sincerely say that I feel compassion towards others, and for me to stop acting that way, it’s because I have lost respect or I really don’t like the other person. Eventhough James told us that we were all equal, and that is completely true. However, right now I don’t feel that way. Maturity will teach me many things later on.
Compassion is a basic human urge that was“created” by the human psychologically, so they could suppress the urge to dominate people. At least that was what I understood. However, I can’t really say how to consciously open other people heart tocompassion, when I clearly don’t understand that felling on my own self. I have felt compassion many times before, but I cannot say how it works…or at least say it in words. I think it’s somethingthat not any person can describe.
To live in a compassionate society we need people who are willing to accept their errors, and slowly trying to make those weaknesses into strengths.
There was leftto say that I surely took all the information that James gave me, and I will keep it in my memory because I´m sure it will be useful later on. Needless to say that I´m very sorry for the incident...
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