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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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A) Hello Juan how are you?
b) Hi Matías everything`s great. Yes I study very hard this semester.
A) good, me too but thisweekend y need to relax
B) Really can with me to watching soccer game
A) Sure. Who`s playing ? at what time?
B) the UNIVERSIDAD DE CHILE and COLOCOLO at 3:00 pm o`clock
A) Can I invite to my friends Pablo. Do you know him?
B) Yes, We go to the sure class is very nice
A) yes we have afootbool tean every Saturday morning
B) good football is my favorite sport. Can I go whit us the next Saturday
A) Sure, but only playing.When the weather´s good
b) ok. Because you can´t see anything in the rain
A) Right and I can´t play whit an umbrella
B) jaja but what can you doou a rain day?
A) Usually I go Shopping, oh come on you can you do a million things
B) Sure, and about that I need You by a watch for my
A) AndHow much do you want to spend?
B) Weel let me think about $30.000
A) I`t a lot of money for a watch?
B) Yes, but Y like to spend a lot of moneyin accessory
A) You have some money with you right?
b) let` see .. I have about $25.000
A) I have about $20.000 come ou to the supermarket
B)Ok. I like to buy a some beer and potatoes ship
A)Fine. And Ilike some cheese, pop corn and soda
B) Ok, that´s enough hurry up the game is beginup
A) Well let me call to Pablo. What is you’re a dress
B) It Arica street Rancagua
A) Ok. Give a me a minute
B) Sure. I right there
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