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The lion and the kitten
The moral of my fable is: Sometimes a small thing can be just as good as big thing
One day in the forest there lived a lion named Shawn and a baby kitten named Zack.
The lion was walking to the park when he felt something on his foot. He looked down and saw a baby kitten.
The baby kitten told the lion that he was sorry. The next day the lion said to the baby kitten,"I don't like you because you are ugly and black".
The baby kitten went home crying. The baby cat told the lion that he is white. And then the lion also went home crying.
They both had problems because they were unhappy about what had happened. They went to the park again another day to apologize to each other.
They met and apologized. They became friends.
They started to play all kinds ofgames, including  tag. And they played other games that I can't recall
The moral of my fable is:  Sometimes a small thing can be just as good as big thing.
The Snail and the Frog
Moral: Arrogance is not a good thing.
My fable:
Once upon a time, in a city called Townsville, there was going to be a big race. The race was 10 miles with a tough terrain. The winner was to get $1,000. There weremany racers, but in the eye of the spectators there was only one. His name was Bud and he was a frog.
Bud was very arrogant and thought he was the best at everything he did. He figured like everyone else that he would win the upcoming race. But deep in the forest there lived a snail named Sterkle. Sterkle was a hard working, intelligent animal. He was planning on running the race. He knewhe would finish dead last but he didn't care. There were exactly 5 days until the big race and it was sign-up time. Bud was the first one to sign up and was waiting at the top of the line telling everyone how badly he was going to win the race and the $1,000 award.
Then Sterkle came up and was writing his name and Bud couldn't help it. He started mocking Sterkle about how slow he was going tobe out there and Sterkle didn't take it kindly. When he got home he started to devise a plan to beat the Frog. Sterkle called a few of his fellow snail family and told them what he was planning to do.
It was the morning of the race and everyone was very alive. All the competitors were lined up on the starting line and warming up and stretching. When Sterkle lined up, Bud came over and startedmocking him. Sterkle just sat there and smiled at him. The race was about to start. The starter shot the gun and the race began.
Bud took off way in front of everyone. Then about half a mile ahead the snail popped out of the forest in front of Bud. Bud couldn't believe his eyes. He started going his full speed and blew past Sterkle. Bud was going and going. He ran until he couldn't seethat snail anymore, then started a light jog. In about another mile Bud saw the snail ahead of him. His jaw dropped to the ground. He ran up to the snail and asked him, “How did you get ahead of me? I made sure I was way a head of you when I slowed down and I didn't see you pass me.”
"Well,” said Sterkle, “Maybe you just were not paying very good attention.”
“Whatever,” said Bud, then hetook off again. This time Bud sprinted his hardest to exactly the 6 mile mark and the last time he saw the snail was at the 2 mile mark. Bud started to barricade the premises so that snail couldn't pass. He built a brick wall 20 feet tall and at least a quarter mile long on both sides of the road. As soon as he did that he started running again. And at the 7 mile sign he saw that snailagain. He was in complete shock. He was in so much furry he just ran and ran and ran.
Bud was at the 9 mile mark now and there was no sign of that snail anywhere. A few minutes later he saw the finish line. He went all out for the last few hundred yards. He finished. Then he noticed there was a large crowd all around someone or something.
He went over to see where the commotion was. He then...
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