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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2011
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|This module “Advanced English II” willincrease the students’ communicative competence through the development of language skills such as|
|listening, reading, speaking and writing. It also emphasizes on the accurate use of language to speakfluently about different |
|contemporary topics. |
|With this module students will be able to:|
| ||Identify vocabulary items, functions and grammatical structures about different topics such as: friendship, clothes, appearance, first |
|impression and fashion in general.|
|Distinguish patterns used to refer to science and technology, effects and troubles, personal beliefs and opinions.|
|Analyze and describe information about the advantages and disadvantages of television, music, reading and technology in general. |
|Compare and contrast language formsand lexical items to talk about ancient traditions, consumer culture and the role of animals in our |
|Produce accurate, cohesive and coherent oral and written texts about the correct language use, human characteristics and business |