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Edgardo Echevarría Torres
Instr. Stephanie Matos
INGL 3103 Sec. 090
October 25, 2010
Closets are for clothes
A homosexual person is somebody who feels attracted by the same sex, a sexualorientation that is judged unfairly by many. It is very common for people in this new era to discriminate the gay community by their looks, mannerism, etc.
Being homosexual it’s not necessarilybad thing, it’s just a life style that any person should feel free to choose. In fact, the gay term was originally used to refer to such a common thing as happiness. It’s disappointing how gay peopleare embarrassed of being open with their sexual orientation just because they’re afraid of not being accepted on society. Every single person has the right of being whatever they want to be and come tothis world with the liberty of expression that is supposed to liberate them from any harassment and it shouldn’t be silenced or criticized by anyone.
The only debatable thing is gay marriages,it’s true that for Christian believers holy matrimony should be between man and woman but people often forget the extraordinary power of that strong personal attachment called love. Anyone,heterosexual or homosexual, that it’s lucky enough to find that special someone who they want to spent the rest of his days with should be able to marry them. Many people live looking for love and die withoutever feeling that special emotion. So if a person is gay and finds love, he doesn’t have the right to lead a happy and honest life? People should show a little bit of empathy with others before actingthe way they do.
What about, when a person is gay but he hasn’t told anybody people tend to use the expression of “getting out of the closet”. Why is that? It is a disrespectful thing howeveryone compare a little space to keep clothes with a human being’s sexual orientation that maybe is afraid of letting know the world his sexual preference because all the discrimination on the street,...
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