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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2010
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Signal® Mirror Installation Instructions
Honda Civic EX, GX, LX Sedan, EX, HX, SI Coupe 1996-2000

THE safety accessory of the 21st Century.
P/N 210-0037-0 Rev B1 (11-19-02), GG © 2002 Muth Co. LLC.

Note: Professional Installation Recommended
Warranty does not cover damage to the vehicle or mirror housing due to improper installation. The following installation instructions are to beconsidered as a guide only. Door removal procedures, signal wire color and location may have changed since publication of these instructions. The installer is responsible for any damage that may occur during installation.

INCLUDED ITEMS: 1 left and 1 right Signal® Mirror 1 left and 1 right wire harness 2 rubber tubes 4 rubber grommets 2 wire taps 2 ring connectors 1 instruction manual REQUIREDTOOLS: Ratchet with extension or ratcheting screwdriver 8mm socket Stubby Philips screwdriver Medium Philips screwdriver Small slotted screwdriver Small pry bar, Small utility knife Power drill, 5/16" drill bit Needle nose pliers Wire crimper and stripper Masking tape Multimeter, Sturdy gloves Safety glasses or goggles

Please read instructions prior to installation.

PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS?Technical Assistance is available by calling Muth Mirror Systems at: 1-800-844-6616 Monday through Friday Between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST Or through the Muth web site: Or via E-mail:

Door panel removal
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1. 2.

Open door and lower window. Remove screw from center of armrest and remove armrest from door. Disconnect wire from behindwindow control panel. Remove screw from behind door handle and remove door handle cover. Disconnect wire from behind door handle cover. Remove speaker cover. Remove door panel screws from holes around speaker.



3. 4.

5. 6. 7.







Pull edges of door panel out from door and lift door panel up off of door. Disconnect speaker wire from back of speaker ondoor panel.


10. Remove plastic cover from corner of door. 11. Disconnect mirror wire harness from center of mirror mount. 12. Remove three nuts from mirror mount and remove mirror-housing assembly from door. 13. Remove top and bottom bolts from footrest and remove footrest. 14. Remove plastic grip plug from top of corner molding and remove corner molding from door frame.



Mirror replacement
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While wearing sturdy gloves, gently lift up on the mirror and place the fork of a small pry bar around the neck of the bottom drive pin. Carefully twist the pry bar until the head of the drive pin pops out of the socket. Next, release the outboard drive pin.

The mirror is held in place by a ball-socket in the center of the mirror. Pull back on the outboardedge of the mirror to remove the mirror from the mirror housing.

Set the factory mirror on a clean, flat surface. Use a small slotted screwdriver and remove the metal ring surrounding the ball-socket on the back of the mirror.




Set the Signal® Mirror on a clean, flat surface. Guide the metal ring from the factory mirror over the ball-socket on the back of the Signal® Mirror. Use asmall slotted screwdriver and gently press in on the sides of the socket to help position the ring.

Push the drive pins down until they bottom out in the motor mount. Align the nub on the outboard drive pin so that it points directly down. Align the nub on the bottom drive pin so that it points to the outboard edge of the mirror housing.

Carefully remove the foam insulation at the base ofthe mirror housing.




Using the shorter of the two wires from the kit, guide the end with the mating connector into the base of the mirror housing and up into the motor mount area. About six inches of wire should be exposed.

Connect the Signal® Mirror mating connector to the Signal® Mirror wire harness.

Tuck the wire harness towards the back of the mirror housing. Align the...
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