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I love Honduras is my country. It has a lot to offer to its population and to its tourist although is not a big country and not too famous. Its size is 112,492 km2 it’s a little biggerthan the U.S state of Virginia that is in the 35th place in size out of the 50 states. There are so many interesting facts about my beautiful country Honduras. Its’ fabulous culture, gorgeoustouristic places and its exciting history are among the wonders of my nation. These things make me be proud of where I came from because I can take anyone to take a tour and I know that person would love itas much as I do.

The wealth of culture expression in Honduras has influence customs, practices, ways of dressing, religion, rituals, codes of behavior and belief systems. Our culture is expressednot so much through sophisticated artistic creations, but rather by popular events that draw big quantities of people. Most of the population follows the Roman Catholic beliefs they gather in specificsdays throughout the year to honor their religion. The other part of the population gathers in specific towns to sing and dance the traditional dance call “punta”. What all the country has in commonis that in each celebration is necessary to have our extended gastronomy and drinks for example “baleada” is our favorite food and “horchata” favorite drink. Hondurans celebrate Christmas Eve and NewYear's Eve on the 24th and 31 December . During these celebrations, the majority of Honduran homes cook special dishes. Favorites include tamales wrapped with banana leaves, roast pigs' legs, andpastries. All of these celebrations are complemented at the end of the night with fireworks and firecrackers.

The Bay Islands are 3 wonderful islands separated by a few miles of water. These islandsare the only places where the currency is dollars. Roatan is the largest, most developed and most frequented of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Essentially a long, forested ridge rising from the...
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