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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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Aries: The finances can be affected by their irresponsibility in the handling of the resources. Try to have a nearer contact with the technology, can be a very important tool.Taurus: Tends to sobreprotect what it belongs to him, preventing that the others have access to it. The tendency towards the egoism is clear, without the discernment to make a good decision. The love is theunique aspect that motivates to him better to being.

Géminis: It costs to him to assume his responsibilities, agrees that it aims at the things important in order to be avoided problems. In orderopen itself to the love it needs freedom of action and time to make sure the intentions of his pair.

Cancer: All project in which you are involved in the next days will be very favorable. Wheneverone is like a responsible person, the others will give the best thing and will be able to remove benefit from any situation.

Pound: careful with the forgetfulnesses, at any moment must be presentthe commitments that did. The businesses can bring benefits to him but it does not conclude with slopes, will not be able to accept proposals.

Scorpion: You have done an excellent work of planningand management of its expenses, but not have taken in account unforeseen expenses that could arise. Now it is the exact moment for putting in practice your project and for going fitting it as theyspend the days.

Sagittarius: you tend to let yourself dominate by the doubts when one is in a tense situation. You attack that insecurity immediately, come days in which will not be able to commiterrors. In the love, you can be a easy target of people without scruples.

Capricorn: The work presents/displays challenges that they direct to show your capacity to operate within a somewhat uncertainsystem. To know well its functions is advisable, like also receiving the advice of whom it supports to you.

Aquarius: do not look for to discuss with the others by things that do not have sense....
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