Hot ice (english)

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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2012
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The importance of the experiments, find that we as students, we focus on not only the theory but also in practice and where applicable. The experimentaldemonstration is intended to help us better understand the knowledge acquired in the classes of the subjects included in the natural sciences. It is sometimes possible to make someexperiments in the classroom, which we call type "home", this term indicates that they are simple and easy to perform. In addition to the materials required are not difficult to achieve. Whenthe teacher is helped to his class with an experiment, his explanation is more accurate, attracts the attention of students and is much easier than understanding the theoreticalconcepts reviewed or analyzed.
This time, conduct an experiment of this type we call home, since the materials we need are few and are available to us.


GeneralDemonstrate the chemical phenomenon of why it happens we get from them as fast ice.


   * Explain step by step procedure of our experiment.
   * Clarify some conceptsthat are involved when the experiment.
   * Explain in detail about the sodium acetate, which is the main element in the experiment


This experiment was done inorder that we develop and put into practice the theory and we show by an experiment in which we see all the factors involved in this phenomenon.


Upon heating thewater with sodium acetate, not only increases its temperature but also their solubility to dissolve an increased amount of sodium acetate, this solution creates super saturation unstable atthe time it disturbed causes an exothermic reaction, releasing heat, which initiates the nucleation of crystals hydrated sodium acetate, with an appearance similar to that of ice.
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