How technology affects privacy

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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2010
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How Technology Affects Privacy

Many think that technology protects us from robberies and harm that other people might cause; in fact this is true, but at the same time we are trading privacy forsecurity. The possibility of identity theft, financial transgressions through e-commerce, and even revelation of personal information to strangers that might not have good intentions; this are someof the ways that technology is affecting the future.

Security cameras have become very popular in many countries. Cameras used to appear only in banks and at high security areas. Cameras are nowin public places such as malls, streets, stadiums and transport. Many people think this has a negative effect in our privacy, but it also has many benefits. An obvious benefit is that the police cancatch criminals in the act, which reduces crime. This makes the streets safer for ordinary people. A more important point is that criminals, particularly young ones will not feel tempted to commitcrimes. Cameras are also less expensive; authorities do not need to spend large amounts of money on police (Siegel 01).2
However, security cameras are far from being a perfect solution. The biggest harm is that the technology of security cameras is taking the citizens’privacy away. Many people feel that they should be free to travel or move around a shop, mall, street or country without being recorded. They feel that being watched constantly is like being in a jail, andthat ordinary people are losing their freedom because of these devices (Siegel 01). Another point is that although the police say that only criminals have something to fear from the cameras, manypeople do not trust governments with the information. Unfairness in the authorities is common, and the information could be use in the wrong way (Siegel 07). The cameras and computers can make...
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