How coke affects your kidneys

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How coke affects kidneys

Coke is a drink that “published versions say it contains sugar or high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, caffeine, phosphoric acid, coca extract, kola nutextract, lime extract, vanilla, and glycerin.” (Poundstone, 1983). As coke is highly sweet (enough for making anyone to throw out), phosphoric acid is used in coke to dissimulate its sweetness andmake it consumable.
Kidneys are reprocessing machines that process the blood to expel the waste products and extra water through the urine. If the kidneys did not remove them, these wastes would buildup in the blood and damage the body. (NKUDIC, 2010)
Kidneys also balance chemicals such as phosphorus, and potassium and release them back to the blood to return to the body. That is how the kidneysregulate the body's level of these substances. (NKUDIC, 2010)
Kidney stones are hard crystals that separate from the urine and that can be harmful for health. Symptoms are usually present when havingkidney stones. Some of them might be extreme pain (usually in the lower abdomen or in the area of the kidney), nausea, and vomiting. If it is too large, blood may appear in the urine and the personcan have the sensation of needing to urinate. (NKUDIC, 2010)
Commonly, surgery is not needed. Patients may rest at home drinking a lot of water and taking medications for the pain. In some cases, somepatients may need different ways to treat kidney stones (NKUDIC, 2010):
* Lifestyle changes: which consist in drinking a lot of liquids-water (best option)
* Medical Therapy: the doctorsuggests to take medications that regulates the amount of acid or alkali in the urine, which are important factors for these crystals’ formation.
* Surgical treatment
* Extracorporeal Shock WaveLithotripsy (ESWL): it is the most commonly used because it is used shock waves to break down these stones, making them easier to eliminate.
* Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: surgeon makes a tiny...
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