How to overcome fear to fail

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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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How to Overcome Fear to Fail

Have you ever studied hard for a test or an examination but failed it? Have you ever had to face big audiences but lost your words when you were supposed to saysomething? A lot of people get frustrated because of a variety of reasons: phobias, traumas, but one of the commonest is fear to face situations that prove your skills in front others. However if youstay positive and concentrate on things you are good at, you would have been able to overcome those kinds of fears.

Firstly, how to avoid frustration? This type of feeling that is deeplyconnected with other ones like anger or disappointment, but how can it be eliminated? Being always sure about the things you know. You have to manage to study the contents in order to understand them andbeing able to explain them with your own words. So when preparing a test or a presentation do not memorize everything, because forgetting things is possible. Instead, read the contents, summarize andstudy them again, try to practise explaining them without looking at your notes by giving simplified definitions and examples.

Secondly, the only way to success and feel fulfilled is whendoing the things your good at, so give importance to these more that the ones you cannot do very well. If you need to present something and your good at drawing for example, prepare big and colourfulposters, it might help. Or if you are a master on reading and focusing on important aspects, summarizing the information will help a lot. Make groups with people who you can complement your work!Thirdly, do not compare yourself with the rest of your classmates or colleagues. Everybody has different skills, hence, nobody is perfect. So you should not compare yourself with the one that did itbetter than you. It helps a lot just compare you with yourself, have you improved? Have you got worst? Evaluate yourself in a positive way, think on the aspects that you should prepare more and...
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