How to overcome add

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How to overcome ADD
I. Introduction: In order to overcome ADD you need to use positive thinking by following these easy steps.
II. Body
A. Be thankful

B. Never say never. Or always.

C. Realize your own value

D. Forget about assumptions

E. Transition paragraph

F. Get touchy feely

G. Get out of negative cycles

H. Get connected

I. Offer a helping hand

J. Say goodbyeto anxiety

K. Embrace the positive

III. Conclusion:

How to overcome ADD
Most of us wouldn't associate Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) with positive thinking. Or with negative thinking, for that matter. But there are definite connections between the disorder and thinking patterns (Rogge, 2010). Many sufferers of ADD develop negative thinking habits because they get frustrated with theirinability to pay attention to one thing for a long time. This can mean that victims of ADD make progress at a slower rate than their unaffected counterparts. Sometimes, this causes people with ADD to feel bad about themselves. Positive thinking practices allow people with ADD to overcome these negative emotions. Thinking positively leads to overall happiness, which can actually improve progress inactivities. When distracting negative thoughts are banished, people with ADD can spend more time trying to focus on projects. In order to overcome ADD you need to use positive thinking by following these easy steps.

First be thankful think about everything that makes you happy. All the good things in your life, even though it can be frustrating to have ADD, don't focus on the challenges;think about all that you're grateful for. Also dedicate those think to yourself everything that you do know that you are doing it for yourself and no other. Then never say never, or always. It's easy to be disappointed when you set unbendable standards. Instead of thinking about life in absolutes, make statements based on progress. For example, don't say, 'I never finish anything I start.' Instead,think, 'I have done more than I expected, and tomorrow I continue to do this.'

After that you need to realize your own value. You are worth a lot to a lot of people. Treat yourself like the valuable being you are. Don't put yourself in unnecessary danger. (Add Health, 2009) Simultaneously you need to forget about assumptions. Assuming things only leads to disappointment. Look for facts instead.For example, instead of thinking you've offended someone because you assume your words were taken the wrong way, ask someone. This cuts out much unnecessary worrying, and lets you get closer to your goals.

The positive thinking is a rare habit to find in society now days, and as anything rare has its unknown benefits that most people don´t realize, in this case is that being positive can lead tocure medical diseases. So by forgetting about assumptions or being thankful you can overcome these problems.

Soon after you forget about assumptions you need to get touchy feely. Hug someone. Hold someone's hand. Pet a cat or a dog. Trust me; it will make you feel better. Just be sure to keep your contact appropriate. If you base every thought in what you assume of these or that you will bewrong 80% of the time and thinking that people said or think something of you that in fact they never did. Next get out of negative cycles. (Kennedy Shiver, 2006) There are times when we over-analyze a small thing until we convince ourselves that the world is ending, everyone hates us, etc. Try to avoid this. It's easy to dwell on the negative, but try to break the habit. If you find yourselfspiraling out of control over a bit of bad luck, try to distract yourself. Get up, go outside, and talk to a friend-do anything to keep yourself from dwelling on it.

At the same time you need to get connected. Go out there and meet people. We're more likely to have negative thoughts when we're alone also an easy way to increase positive thoughts is to surround yourself with friends, preferably...
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