How to write an abstract

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  • Publicado : 29 de marzo de 2010
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Writing Abstracts: The Difficulty of Being Human and Scientific
What is the purpose of the abstract?
Imagine that you are going on a date. You are dying to make the best first impression you can.By
presenting your abstract, you are “dating” your jury. You cannot be very extravagant, neither you can be
conservative. You are simply presenting your individual, well-measured freshness. Yourabstract format
is your appearance, your abstract’s style is your “mint fresh breath,” your abstract’s content is your mind
and your abstract’s conclusion is your soul.
Points to remember:
Writeyour name, department and the college or university you attend on the abstract.
Provide the title of the paper for which you have written the abstract.
Identify the areas that will be covered inyour paper. Note, your scientific “freshness” must
become visible here.
Why can writing an abstract be difficult?
Sometimes writing a good abstract is more complicated than writing a research paper.In a way, the
abstract is the opposite of the research paper. In the abstract, you are trying to condense the content of
your thoughts. In the paper, you “stretch” them. The abstract is normallywritten after the paper is
completed, whereas it is reviewed prior to the paper. Writing both well is a mental challenge. A good
abstract is like a good commercial. You use colors, music, text (andsubtext) to make a good commercial.
You use your expertise, ideas, and precise language to make a good abstract. By submitting your abstract,
you are trying to persuade your readers in 3 to 5 minutesthat you are going to present something unique
and valuable .
Points to remember:
Follow strictly the format requirements (250-300 words, double-spaced, 12pt. font).
Find simple ways toexplain complicated ideas. Avoid wordiness and emphasize your key
Your abstract must be logically structured and provide an accurate picture of your paper.
How should you think of the...