Hurican karl

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  • Publicado : 8 de enero de 2011
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This September will be unforgetable due to the most horrible hurricane in the Veracruz´s history, the hurricane Karl; this hurricane originated in the Caribbean,unfortunately the goverment and scientists did not expect it to be so strong as it was. Few days before the news said the hurricane would be category 1 or 2 on the scale Saffir-Simpson but the pronosticwas wrong because Karl became a hurricane category 3, its winds reach more than 185 Kph.

Karl was so aggressive and rude while it was in land, were more than four hours that Karl hit the city withstrong winds and cyclonic rains, the streets were alone, only there were many stuck cars on the sreets; the situation was alarming, never a hurricane had been for long time, the damages were many, butthe worst part of this disaster, was not happening yet.

The Saturday´s midnight several rivers rise up their levels like Cotaxtla River and La Antigua River, because of this some towns likeTejeria, Medellin, Cardel and Cotaxtla were destroyed; the houses were  flattened by the force of water, Thousands of people lost everything in less than a day, all that they had done in their life Karlfinished it. The situation in this towns of Veracruz is sad because a lot of families lost their houses and they don´t have absolutely nothing.

I have a friend that live in Cardel, a town that wasaffected by the hurricane, she said me: “Jair, I never thought see my city destroyed” , fortunately she didn´t lose her house, because the house was built on the high part of the city, however she´sworried because many relatives lost all. Other friend that live in Cotaxtla lived near the hurricane, his family lost part of their house, but he´s grateful with God for be he and his family with life....
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