If you think you have knowledge/ truth then do you? how far is truth linked to our perception?

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If you think you have knowledge/ truth then do you? How far is truth linked to our perception?

Knowledge must be studied to find out what is the actual situation of humanity. We are so used totake things for granted, that we really never question what teachers, books or professionals among others say. But how do they obtain that knowledge? Why are they so sure about what they are stating? Isit truth what they are telling us? Well the aim of this essay is to question what we think is right, what we think we know and what the whole society takes for granted.
Senses are in charge of humanperception. Knowledge is a process where humans are the subject and the thing to know is the object. The human perceives the object through its senses, and then the human names what he perceived.However senses have limitations; for example some animals like the dog have a very good sense of smell, but his sight is pretty bad, dogs can only see in black and white. Perception has another limitingfactors, this is how each person is. In view of this perception changes depending on a person’s experiences, the graphic place, the social class and community the person belongs to.
A very goodexample to illustrate what I am saying is the movie “The Truman Show”, this movie is about a TV show where the life of a man is recorded and controlled since his birth. He thinks he lives in the realworld, but he really lives in the biggest set of the entire world, and everything (friends, family, and dialogues) is controlled by the TV show producer. Truman discovers that something weird is going onand decides to escape, he finally discovers that all what he thought was true, was only his perception and not the world itself This movie is an exaggerated way to represent that no person can know thereal world, that we only know a little part, where our perception highlights some features and aspects.
People can be faced to the same thing, but perceive different things, this may be called...
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