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English Project
1 The areas where there are more igloos are: Alaska, Greenland, Baffin Island, Canada and surrounding cities to the poles.
2The igloo is a shelter constructed from snow blocks that usually has the shape of a dome.
3 The snow used to build an igloo, must be compactenough to be cut and placed in an appropriate manner.
4 The are three types of igloo:
5 The smallest is constructed as a temporally shelter forhunters and have relative short duration
6 The medium-sized, which serve as the family home, hosting a single "room" space to rest. Its durationis semi permanent, requiring constant maintenance

7 Surface where they removed the snow blocks will serve as the floor of thefront half of the igloo, leaving a high back that serves as a bed.
8 The arrangement of the blocks is circular base, placing a thin edge andenlarging the blocks as you go. Thus, spiral, it will raise the height of the structure to close at the top.
9 You can put a small window abovethe door, which can be used to give visibility and additional ventilation if weather permits.
10 One should not forget to put a hole in the topof the building, which will serve for the evacuation of gases harmful to humans.
11 The temperature that is inside could be between 1° to 16°c.12 The igloos are also used as a center of fun in winter camping. And also usually made of branches or cardboard and then covered with snow.
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