Illuminating the blind spot

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Illuminating the Blind Spot by W. Brian Arthur, at col.
6. Write a synthesis about of the main aspects of the leadership in emergent economies.
The emergent economies should be used in organizations as a way to encourage innovative thinking and real-time responses to change by allowing organizations units to self-organize.
Organization leaders need to give up rigid control of these systemsfrom above. Far more can be learned by stepping back from the day-to-day running of the organization and watching for emergent properties and organizational patterns. Those conditions or patterns that bring about the best solutions should be preserved whenever possible.
Managers must see the environment of the organizations as living and evolving systems, for that reason, they need to provideavenues for open communication, knowing how and where to push to keep the system from neither descending into chaos nor becoming rigidly ordered. Hence, organizational leaders must move from the more tangible to the more intangible variables of social behavior and managerial action.
According to this view, the organization´s leaders should allow themselves to integrate the social and managerialaspects in 3 ways: “(1) the behavioral level of social reality; (2) the level of emerging patterns of relationships; and (3) the deep tacit level, or "source"–what we call the blind spot–the place from which a system operates”. (W. Brian Arthur)
If we understand, that the actual era is driven by “staging and co-creating customer experiences” as the authors of the Illuminating the blind spotestablished; managers need to involve the organization, to apply the 3 ways pointed above, in order to recognizing the patterns of change, and response to so many intricate interactions, as a result of the defining characteristics of complex systems, that is the inability to predict the outcome of any given change to the system.
The third step is very important to understand for the managers and theirteams, because the continuing process of how the organization is close to interact with the environment, means for the organization the beginning of a learning process that in the future will make a competitive advantage, as long as it can replicate. For that reason, it is important that companies aim to become, path-creative, so that the state of evolution may avoid getting stuck.
The authorsof the Illuminating the blind spot assert that organization´s leaders are associated with spirit, energy, patience, perseverance, and imagination. They also said, leaders must be a source of inspiration and imagination for their team members, and for themselves, in order to involve the team to respond to emerging futures.

7. What is the relationship of systemic thinking and the leadership?It is important to establish that actual era of clashing forces could be defined as a complex system due to the today´s circumstances, which are continuing change, uncertainty and too many stakeholders, for that reason, the organizational response seems to be less predictable than the way in the past.
A complex system is defined as one in which many independent agents interact with each other inmultiple ways. This variety of actors also allows for, the spontaneous self-organization, that takes place in a system. This self-organization occurs without anyone planning the organization. Rather, it is more a result of organisms - agents constantly adapting to each other.
Based on this definition, the organization leaders could not be isolated persons; they must work with their team and beopen mind to response to the changes of the environment, in order to attain the organizations goals.
For that reasons, the authors of the Illuminating the blind spot point that knowledge creation and innovation happen in places or “ba” which it means that knowledge creation does not reside in individual´s minds. “Rather, it arises from interactions, from patterns of relationship that evolve...
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