Importancia de los sectores economicos en mexico

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Describing people’s appearance

1º fill in the blanks in the texts A-C with: chubby, average, round, double, bald, full, large, build, mustache, glasses, thin and gray. Then, complete the table with these words.

Max is in his late sixties. He is tall and thin, with wavy 1) __________ hair, and a 2) _________ nose. He has wrinkles and a gray 3) _________. He wears 4) _________.

Jan:Jan in in her mid tirites. She’s of 1) _________ height ando f medium 2) _________. She has straight dark hair, a round face, almond-shaped eyes, 3) _________ eyebrowns, and 4) _________ lips.

Eddie is in his early forties. He’s short and 1) _________. He has a (n) 2) _________ face with a wide forehead, thick, arched eyesbrowns, and a 3) _________ chin. He is going 4) _________.Character adjetives.

1º match character adjetives 1-10 to descriotions a-j. then make sentences, as in the example. Wich of then adjetives are positive, and wich are negative?

1 __ generous 6 __ reliable
2 __ honest 7 __ sensitive
3 __ ambitious 8 __ outgoing
4 __ stubborn 9 __ greedy
5 __ aggressive 10 __ polite

a) likes meeting people
b) gets upset easily
c)often behaves in an angry way
d) likes giving things to others
e) refusses to change his/her mind
f) wants to be succesful
g) tells the truth
h) has a good manners
i) does what he/she promises to do
j) wants more than he/she needs.

Joining words/ phreses

2º rewrite the following sentences using joining words/phrases from the table above.

1º she is usuallyreliable. She can be forgetful. She can be forgetful at times.

2º he is kid. He is generous.

3º she is outgoing. She can be stubborn.

4º she is hardworking. She has a tendency to be aggressive.

5º he is usually polite. He is sometimos rude.

6º she is vain. She is greedy.


a) jane and tony are going to spend their summer vacation at an oceanfront hotel in México. Look atthe picture and say what they are/aren’t going to take with them.

b) what do you think they will do there will do there? Use the prompts to make sentences, as in the example. You can add to the list.

- go swimming every day.
- Lie on the beach all morning.
- Try tradicional food.
- Take loks of Pictures.
- Buy souvenirs.

Will (on-the-spot decisions)

3ºcomplete the sentences using the prompts, as in the example.

- Go to bed early. - open the Windows.
- Take an aspirin. - put my jacket on.
- Have some orange juice. - take an umbrella.

1.- I’m tirad. I’ll g oto the bed early.
2.- i have a headache. ____________________.
3.- it’s cold ____________________.
4.- i’m thirsty. ____________________.
5.- it’s rainingtoday. ____________________.
6.- it’s hot in here. ____________________ .

Be going to(predictions base don what we see)

What is going to happen next? Match the Pictures to the prompts, and then write sentences, as in the example..

1º ___ a) slip on a banana peel
2º ___ b) fall into the manhole
3º ___ c) answer the manhole
4º ___ d) fall aoo the ladder
5º ___ e)wash the car
6º ___ f) walk into the lamppost


8º fill in the blanks with: be going to or will.

1.- a: oh, no! I missed the rain!
B: don’t worry. I __________ give you a ride.

2.- A: why is he wearing those old clothes?
B: he __________ paint the fence.

3.- A: that hot looks very nice on you.
B: you think so? I __________ buy it,then.

4.- a: has she decided what to do about the job?
B: yes, she __________ apply for it.

5.- a: your shirt is dirty.
B: i know. I __________ wash it.

Clothes & accessories.

a) use the ítems in the list to fill in the boxes below.

- top hat. - leggings. - jeans. – gloves. – shorts. – vest. – Taylor-made suit. – striped tie. – Belt. – cotton shirt. –...
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