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  • Publicado : 25 de marzo de 2011
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Andrea Villegas

The NO.1 Ladies’ detective agency

In the beginning on the book they introduced the character Mma Ramotswe, they said that she was a good woman and a better detective and that she felt that it was her duty to help solve mysteries in others people’s lives. She also was a woman who loves Gaborone a city in Africa. With her father’s passing she had inherited herfather’s cattle. He had a big herd and her father had no other children so all of the proceeds had went to Precious because her father wanted her to have her own business.
Secondly, the next person who was introduced in the book was Happy Bapetsi who was her first client. She came asking for help because she felt that she was getting trapped by a man who was saying that he was supposedly her father.She also told Mma Ramotswe that he was sorry that he hadn’t been around her and she had been so thrilled that it was just the thought of it being her dad she let him move in. But after three months her supposed dad was abusing her of her charity. He was making her cook everyday for him buy him shoes as while, but it got bad when he would just stand outside the door just waiting for her just totell her what to do next. She thought to herself this cannot be my dad so she had gone to Mma Ramotswe for help because she thought that this was a guy who had heard her real dad storey and was just pretending to be him.
So after she told her storey Ramotswe said that she would help and that it would be easier to find out by making him take a blood test. But she didn’t want to bring him to anargument so she came up with an idea to go to Happy’s house, and act like she had an accident then go run to him and be like hey your daughter is in the hospital or she will die. There was an only way to save her life and it was by having the type same of blood from one of her relatives and be able to save her life from the death. Along with he was very hesitant and soon confessed about him not beingher father. Ramotswe after that made him leave and told him to never come back, and how dare he just rest of a young lady like that. So therefore they soon sent him back to his village Lobatse. When Happy returned home she was left a note by Ramotswe in the kitchen stating that was not her real dad and that she was able to get him to admit to his lies and dropped him off at a BUSS STOP for him togo back home, furthermore she wished that she could be happy and maybe find her real dad some day.
Afterword’s Mma Ramotswe was reading a letter that she found from her dad about his life he had left for her to read. He said the he was Obed Ramotswe he was born near Mahalapye in 1930. Witch was cited in between Gaborone and Francistown. In his later he wrote about how he used to watch the trainsgo by when he was a little kid just to watch the smoke from the top of the train. Also he mentions how he used to throw coins on the train track to watch them get smashed flat. He begun to describe his hometown Mahalapye, who it was struggling village of huts made of brown sun-baked mud bricks and few ten tin-ruffed buildings. Plus that the land of Africa made him who he is and that he was nowsixty writing that letter to her. He was sick and did not think he had much more time to live he had went to the doctor and the doctor could tell that he was a miner just by listing to his chest when he took his deep breath. The doctor soon told him that he had lounge cancer from mining in the mine all those years. When the doctor told him he wasn’t all that surprised because they used to sing songsabout how the mind will kill a man by falling rocks or why after they had left the mine either way the mine was going to take a miners life. He then talked about a friend who was always trying to get him to go back to his home country in Zululand but he told the friend every man has a map of their hometown once they levee that makes it so much better when they go back home. But then he goes...
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