Industria play boy

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Industry playboy

This is one industry that is better positioned financially.
  Hugh Hefner which is also known as Hef, is the founder and editor in chief of Playboy magazine. It has becomea charismatic icon and advocate of the sexual revolution and personal freedom.
 Hefner wanted to make your own magazine. To do this he borrowed money from his mother and sold some furniture.The first edition of Playboy magazine, which in principle would be called Stag, took place in the table in his kitchen. He oversaw the entire process. The year was 1953 and Marilyn Monroe was thefirst playmate or girl to come out in this publication.
No date placed on the cover of the first edition because he was not sure how to perform a second number. Once distributed, the owner ranthe stores in Chicago to see the behavior of the magazine. To his surprise, it sold more than 50 000 copies, generating enough money to cover costs and finance an upcoming issue.
Thanks to thisfact Hefner began to grow his empire which was growing every year and taking possession at the place where is today.

Skinny: They know something about the industry play boy?

Fred: as faras I have understood this industry has many products to found his journal, his television, jewelry and much more.

Cigarette: in some they are right, this industry over the years has beencharacterized by creating a variety of products which are an income of one form or another for its economy and stability in the trade.

know how is this industry today?

No truth no
for theindustry as well as anyone has had its ups and downs, but thanks to a good group of strategists that it has remained well positioned in the trade.

In my opinion I think this industry as mosthave some goals which proposed a way or another seek the means to meet them, but this is achieved by having a series of strategies to help your prosperacion and are an attraction for the public
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