Influence of memory in our lives

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  • Publicado : 29 de enero de 2012
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“The influence of memory in our lives”
Memory is very important in everyone’s lives; it is a daily use mechanism. I don’t consider the “good” or “bad” memory the incorrect way to name anunskilled or skilled memory.
I consider this because as we have read no one is born with a better memory than others, we simply can get a more skilled memory by training it and it depends on each personwhereas they want to do so or not.
Mnemonics to me are an excellent way to train our brains and not to only do so, it is also a way to know ourselves by learning how our memory works and can bedeveloped the best. What I mean with this is that there are people than can remember things by relating them with colors or as we read in the story running numbers or a street in a place. This helpsus knowing what mnemonic suits better for us.
I can’t believe that this is a waste of time, it is actually a great favor for us that people have studied the mind and have developed ideas to helpsus memorize things.
We use our memory 24/7 and it is very important to train to do better, it won’t only help in our personal live, it will also be a very important factor in our jobs, school,etc.
Can u imagine a president not remembering some ones name at a party he is hosting at his house? Just imagine that and think how important and easy is to train ourselves for a more skilledmemory and how it’s not a waste of time.
And just to close it up I would like to share some facts and websites I have searched and found interesting:
* The first one is a mnemonic dictionary inwhich you can find words and it gives you ways to remember those words, the site is
* This site has many ways to create mnemonics,
*Mnemonics aren’t a list that has been created already. Yes there are mnemonics that are common so they are very well mentioned, but the truth of mnemonics is that anyone can invent their own mnemonics.
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