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1. Introduction
Animal cells and plant cells will be briefly described and observe it with a magnifying device called microscope. Plant cell is basically eukaryotic cells that are composed by aplasma membrane and a cell wall and animal cell that have a plasma membrane but it doesn’t have a cell wall.

2. Objectives
- To identify the optical parts and the mechanism of an optical microscope.- To observe the principal differences between an animal cell and a plant cell.

3. Materials And method
 Materials
o Microscope
o Schematic sheet
o Slide and cover slides
o Onioncataphylls
o Methylane solution
o Dropper
o Sprinklers
 Method
1. Cut a piece of the onion cataphyll and put it on a slide. Add a drop of water and cover the sample with a cover-slide.
2. Observe thesample in the microscope using the smallest magnification. After you have focused the sample, you can change to a higher magnification for better visualization.
3. Make a detailed graphic of yourobservations.
4. Carefully get apart the cover-slide from the sample and add a drop of methylane (blue dye). Put the sample in the microscope and observe differences between the stained cells and the unstained cells.
5. Repeat the experiment using the cells of your cheeks( make a cheek smear on the slide and add a drop of water on top of it)

4. Results

• Onion Cataphyll Plant Cell.
•Magnification: 40x

• Onion Cataphyll Plant Cell
• Magnification: 100x

• Onion Cataphyll Plant Cell With Blue Methylane dye
•Magnification :100x

• Cheek smear Animal Cell
• Magnification: 40x

• Cheek Smear Animal Cell
• Magnification: 100x

•Cheek Smear Animal Cell With Mehtylane blue dye
• Magnification: 100 x

5. Analysis

Plant cells are fixed rectangular shape that contains a nucleus, chloroplast,...
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