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The masts are assembled separately and are successively fixed on the hull. Prepare the masts, the yards and the other parts according to the indicated sizes (see table A). The yards have to bepainted in a very dark walnut colour, the masts have to be left in their natural colour. Assemble the masts(with the exception of the yards) following the numerical order of the components and taking careof the correct alignment. The tops are mounted gluing the parapets in the special grooves on the circular base and gluing on them the handrail-ring. Glue under the tops the bars and thecross-beams. Glue on the masts the bindings 176 and all the blocks according to the indications of the general view and of the various perspective drawings. Glue the masts into the special holes on the deck,keeping them in position with ropes temporally fixed to the mast ends and to the dead-eyes on the hull. Take care of the correct alignment and of the slight inclination towards the poop. The rigging isset according to the numerical order. It must be strained but must absolutely not force on the masts, the knots have to be glued. Do not try to operate the running, rigging; it is advisable to fix theropes with a drop of glue to the blocks or to the belaying-pins in the right position.

Los mástiles se montan por separado y sucesivamente se fija en el casco. Preparar los mástiles, losastilleros y las otras partes de acuerdo a los tamaños indicados (véase el cuadro A). Los astilleros tienen que ser pintados en un color nogal muy oscuro, los mástiles tienen que dejarse en su color natural.Montar los mástiles (con la excepción de los astilleros), siguiendo el orden numérico de los componentes y el cuidado de la alineación correcta. Los tableros se montan pegar los parapetos en lasranuras especiales en la base circular y pegar en ellas los pasamanos de anillo. Pegamento en la parte superior de las barras y las vigas transversales. Pegamento en los mástiles los 176 enlaces y todos...
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