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¿Cómo puede Ecuador mejorar su economía?
Generate an export culture.
Generate products and services with greater added value and high quality.
Increasing productivity and competitiveness ofproducts and services.
eliminate corruption, improve education levels, directed production, fiscally stimulate food self-sufficiency and sustainable investment.
For example, I think to improve levelsof education, specializing in science, because when you finish school have several options to choose from.
Raise awareness among people, people should not use credit cards too, can become impulsebuyers
Describa cualquier problema técnico que ha tenido?
When I installed the "BETWIN" on a computer Pentium 4, 2 gb ram, 160 gb hard drive.
This program allows multiple users to work onsimultaneous and independent desktops mileniun Windows, Windows XP Professional or Home Edition in one and the same PC but each from a different workstation without having to create or add partitions hard disks.1. Installing the hardware.
2. Installing the drivers for the video card.
3. Check that the devices are identified in the system.
4. BeTwin software installation.
The problem is, when I want toconnect a flash memory, 2 or 5 workstations recognize the flash memory.
I have researched on the internet and do not give me solution to my problem
Hablar sobre las ventajas y desventajas deinternet
Makes communication much easier.
* Knowing many people from all over the world.
* The search for information becomes much easier, without having to go to forcibly traditional libraries.
* Findmany different views on some news.
* You can create and download free software for its collaborative tools.
* The computer is regularly updated easier than if we had no internet.
* Find support anykind of a tool or process.
* Buy easily to other stores elsewhere.


* You can find information just as bad, unpleasant (pornography, graphic violence, terrorism) that may...
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