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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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Mini-Link TN R4, etsi

Ericsson’s market leading microwave transmission node

Ericsson has over 40 years of microwave
experience with more than 2 million
radio units delivered to over 150 countries.
MINI-LINK TN is produced in the world’s
largest microwave production facility and
has a market leading reliability. Ericsson
is the market leader in microwave

theworld’s most widely deployed
multiservice microwave system!
MINI-LINK TN is a unique microwave transmission
node, handling single hops and access sites as well as
advanced hub sites for large networks, optimized for
traffic aggregation and capacity savings.
Our customers use MINI-LINK TN in a number of
different scenarios:
•    ew roll-out of mobile backhaul networks. 
MINI-LINK TN fullysupports all IP RAN over Ethernet
Backhaul preferred in new mobile networks, with the
necessary Ethernet quality of service.
•    volution of mobile backhaul networks. 
With the current increase of data traffic in the mobile
network, MINI-LINK TN is a perfect fit.
It supports Native Ethernet as well as Native TDM or a
mix of them. This enables our customers to start with
TDM traffic, addEthernet when data traffic increases,
and move to all Ethernet when required.
•    ixed Broadband over Microwave utilizes the integrated 
solutions for both Carrier and best effort Ethernet.
Backhaul of broadband access over microwave, close
to the end user, is a proven cost efficient solution.
•    ur Enterprise, Broadcasting and National security 
customers successfully deploy bothsingle hops, and
complete backhaul networks.
MINI-LINK TN is a high performance radio link with high
capacities and high availability. Our best in class radio
output power provides longer hops with smaller antennas.
MINI-LINK TN is able to send twice the capacity in one
frequency channel using XPIC, for Ethernet, PDH as well
as SDH. With the Gbit Ethernet link MINI-LINK TN is
ready forthe all IP over Ethernet network.
MINI-LINK TN is a Hybrid Node, perfect for
all-IP and your network evolution.
Complete solution for all-IP networks.
Native Ethernet enables maximized Ethernet throughput 
and with up to 1 Gbit/s Ethernet over the air MINI-LINK
supports the necessary high capacities for all-IP.
Optimized capacity use is achieved by traffic aggregation, 
Hitless AdaptiveModulation and Protected 2+0.
MINI-LINK TN fully supports Carrier Grade Networks with
Carrier Grade QoS for Ethernet, IP and MPLS as well as
Sync distribution in packet networks.
Complete solution for your network evolution
The Hybrid Radio Link transports both Native Ethernet

and Native PDH simultaneously over the same hop,
which is perfect for a cost effective TDM to packet
migration.Start with all E1’s or a mix with Ethernet. Add
more Ethernet as data traffic increases and complete the
migration by moving to all Ethernet.
MINI-LINK TN fully supports Carrier Grade Networks with
Layer 1 sync distribution to your existing network and no
extra delay or delay variation.
Hitless adaptive modulation is perfect way to supply
additional best effort traffic under normal weatherconditions. With Ericsson’s solution you will get no bit
errors during the modulation change and the constant
delay is crucial for network sync. The MINI-LINK Adaptive
Modulation handles not only Rain fading but also complex
Selective/Multipath fading; it is designed for Carrier
Grade networks.
Protected 2+0 enables our customers with priority and
best effort traffic to add up to 3 times morecapacity on
an existing hop. By changing a 1+1 hop into a protected
2+0 for both PDH and Ethernet with XPIC you add best
effort traffic and keep your priority traffic protected.
MINI-LINK TN is a Network Cost Saver
The integrated traffic routing enables remote
reconfiguration of the traffic. When the network grows
and the capacity needs increases, the capacity is easily
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