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  • Publicado : 24 de octubre de 2010
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Board of Contents


2. Objectives

3. Work's Body

4. Conclusion

5. Bibliography

1. Introduction

This reading seemed very important to me since you train us so that you can come in one future for humanity, the nanotechnology is a reality in one future in 2 or there is no safe date because like today in day the technologydevelops very fast today in 10 or in 20 years we can have the last thing in technology and I finish of 6 months something better leaf, we know than with the nanotechnologies arrival put news that will be very beneficial for humanity will expand but as everything has dangers that are integrated to the use of her

2. Objectives

* Understanding the nanotechnology use his benefits and hisdangers for humanity

* Modifying humanity's thought regarding the nanotechnology.

* Establishing the parameters of the use to the nanotechnology future.

* Identifying advantages and disadvantages of the use of the nanotechnology.

3. Work's Body

The nanotechnology: The promise and the danger of you machinate ultra-tiny

I articulate East transports us to a reality that manyconsider very fenced-in which shows us a panorama that humanity would be able to live in a few years from now on plow them reference of the more important concepts it seems to me that I have found in this reading

You would cause a great evolution in humanity since this opens the door for us thinking seriously to hour about the opportunities that his use in the several would bring sectors nowadaysand the dangers to us when advancing the dream to control machines to be able to manipulate matter in the molecular scale let's prune against in nature molecular natural machines, as also you right now vary molecular synthetic machines, for example there are artificial antibiotics that organisms of diseases attack also we can count in the use of devices like microscopes of the scanning sounderthat intervenes surgically level of molecules and atoms, this technology will lead us to one Age of almost unlimited abundance of wonderful invention

They will be able to make out a quantity of molecular machines from now on a few of the countless future products will mention processes and the nanotechnology useful attributes, one of the first benefits that you will bring would be the ability toproduce materials that be extremely unmixed in a minute of its manufacture also structural vices like happened irregularities in crystals would reduce also the result themselves it would be able to be materials that are much more strong and than work to bigger temperatures more resistant for reactive chemicals, you would be able to stir any toxic chemical product of water or we would also be ableto draw specific isotopes from nuclear waste to solve the problem of the nuclear waste of low level, This would also be able to make the cheap recycling possible of almost anything.

Also enabling the probability to be the elimination of the need for processes of manufacture that conditions involve than difficult to create, to maintain or to use loud temperatures safely for example, to exercisepressure, utilizing unsafe reagents, you would also be able to decrease the time and cost to develop and to produce new products

They can be another advantage of the molecular machines fast they can achieve billion operations per second, the things that were delaying hours, days or pull out they would be able to come true in seconds or minutes, they would be able to be useful for reparationslike damages for corrosion, hardening for heat, cracking, in order to cure people that have degenerative diseases, would be able to utilize themselves to reconstruct damaged organs, to do cosmetic alterations, or supplying lost extremities, the defective eyes or any physical flaw.

Delivering us the ability to absorb almost 100 % of what we eat to recycle that of another serious excreted way,...
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