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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2012
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The most positive person I know
He is my little brother, he is 13 years old, and his name is Isaac Benjamin.
He is positive, first because he is the little.
Heis always smiling; you can feel how he transmitted that positive energy.
Generally in your day you are with persons who are negative, because the world isstressful, are hard and in our lives can make us feel miserable, depressed, lonely, scared, angry, hurt and sad. 
But when you have an Isaac in your house, you can gethome, and see him, and always he has the correct world to turn your mood into a positive attitude.
For example: when my family has been into difficult situations heis the only one who keep thinking in positive, and tell us word that make us happy and we can feel better and can see the positive of the things.
Yes he is a childand this mind his has no prejudice. Maybe all the children are positive, but my little brother is who know me, and he knows how I am in the different situations onmy life.
Also when my brother and I are fighting, he is the quiet dialogue that makes us, without discussion.
Other example would be: the last semester I had ahard worked project, my protect team had all the system working in protoboard, it is a piece of tablet where you can make circuits and experiment with your designs,but 1 bay before of the deadline, we had problems with the clock pulses, because we need that all the systems worked with the same pulse, and we needed work hereall the night, and in the night my parent came to give me food, my dinner, and he came with them, and always giving me encouragement remained.
And he is helpful.
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