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pocket Surf ® III I ABSoLute MoBILItY

for SurfAce roughneSS MeASureMentS

 P o c k e t S u r f . portable Surface roughness gage

Important Definitions and Surface Parameters
Real surface separates a body from the surrounding medium. (DIN EN ISO 4287) Stylus instrument enables two-dimensional tracing of a surface. The stylus is traversed normal to the surface at constantspeed. (DIN EN ISO 3274) Traced Profile is the enveloping profile of the real surface acquired by means of a stylus instrument. Parameters usually are defined over the sampling length. An average parameter estimate is calculated by taking the arithmetic mean of the parameter etimates from all the individual sampling lengths. For roughness profile parameters the standard number of sampling lengths isfive. Traversing length lt is the overall length traveled by the stylus when acquiring the traced profile. It is the sum of the pre-travel, evaluation length ln and post-travel. Cutoff λc of a profile filter determines which wavelengths belong to roughness and which ones to waviness. Sampling length lr is the reference for roughness evaluation. lts length is equal to the cutoff wavelength λc .Evaluation length ln is that part of the traversing length lt over which the values of surface parameters are determined. The standard roughness evaluation length comprises five consecutive sampling lengths. Pre-travel is the first part of the traversing length lt. Post-travel is the last part of the traversing length lt.

Ra Mean roughness DIN EN ISO 4287, ASME B46.1
Roughness average Ra is thearithmetic average of the absolute values of the roughness profile ordinates. Ra = 1∫ |Z(x)| dx L0

Mean line

Z(x) = profile ordinates of the roughness profile. Ra is also called AA and CLA.

Rz, Rmax Roughness depth DIN ISO 4287, ASME B46.1
Single roughness depth Rzi is the vertical distance between the highest peak and the deepest valley within a sampling length. Mean roughness depth Rzis the arithmetic mean value of the single roughness depths Rzi of consecutive sampling lengths: Rz = 1 5 (Rz1 + Rz2 + ... + Rz5)

The Rz definition is identical to the definition in DIN4768: 1990. The ten point height Rz as well as the parameter symbol Ry of ISO 4287:1984 has been canceled. Maximum roughness depth Rmax is the the largest single roughness depth with the evalution length. (DIN ENISO 4288; Rmax is also called Rz1max ).

Selection of cutoff according to DIN EN ISO 4287, ASME B46.1
Periodic profile RSm (mm/in) > 0.13 to 0.4/.005 to.016 Rz (µm/µin) > 0.5 to10/20 to 400 Non-periodic profile Ra (µm/µin) > 0.1 to 2/4 to 80 Cutoff Rλ (mm/in) 0.8/.030 Sample/ Evalution length lr / ln (mm/in) 0.8/4.0 ; .030/.150

Pocket Surf. portable Surface roughness gage 

PocketSurf®* the portable surface roughness gage

Optional Accessory: Statistics Printer MSP 2, Order No. 410040

requires connection cable Order No. 410046

* US-patent no. 4.776.212

• Pocket-sized economically priced, completely portable instrument which performs traceable surface roughness measurements on a wide variety of surfaces; can be used confidently in production, on theshop floor and in the laboratory • Solidly built, with a durable cast aluminum housing, to provide years of accurate, reliable surface finish gaging. • Can be used to measure any one of four, switch-selectable, parameters: Ra, Rmax/Ry, Rz • Selectable traverse length 1, 3 or 5 cut-offs of 0.8 mm/.030“ • Operates in any position – horizontal, vertical, and upside down • Four switchable probepositions – axial (folded) or at 90°, 180° or 270° • Even difficult-to-reach surfaces such as inside and outside diameters are accessible • Integrated data output for SPC-processing units that is compatible with the most common data processing systems • Easy-to-read LCD readout presents the measured roughness value, in microinches or micrometers, within half a second after the surface is traversed. •...
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