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Ejercicio 1 (Tiempo Estimado: 20 Min)
 Pon los verbos en la forma correcta
My friend Graham (1)(live) in London. He (2)(be) married and he (3)(have) two children.
His wife (4)(be) a nurse, but she (5)(not work). She (6)(stay) at home with the children.
Graham (7)(work) in an office in London. He (8)(like) his job, but he(9)(not like) arriving home late. Healways (10)(take) the train to work.
Pon las palabras en el orden correcto.
Ej). behind is sofa the What? / What is behind the sofa?.
1. do living you What do a for? | ? |
2. married you Are? | ? |
3. live sister does your Where? | ? |
4. horrible English is food. | |
5. I beer please have a Can? | ? |
6. spell do it How you? | ? |
7. flowers like those I | |
8. music like I tolistening | |
9. the next is window The desk to | |
10. it much is How? | ? |
11. working doesn't like She | |
12. work the afternoon go I in to | |

Match the words with the pictures
Relaciona los nombres de las prendas con las imágenes que les corresponden. Contesta como respuesta la letra asociada a cada dibujo.
1. T-shirt / tee shirt (USA)    
2. jeans    
3. skirt    
4. dress    5. coat    
6. shirt    
7. shoes    
8. hat    
9. socks    
10. suit    
11. sweater    
12. tie    
13.trousers / pants (USA)    
14. jacket    
15. sunglasses    

| |
Write a sentence for each picture.
Escribe una frase para cada dibujo. (He's/She's wearing....)
| | a) |
He's wearing a grey suit 
and a white shirt |-------------------------------------------------
She's wearing a green 
dress and black shoes | |
b) | c) | d) |
| | |
e) | f) | g) |
| | |
What are they doing? / ¿Qué están haciendo?
 Write a sentence for each picture. Follow the example and use a verb from the list.
Escribe una frase para cada dibujo según el ejemplo utilizándo un verbo de la siguiente lista.-------------------------------------------------
            'make an omelette'    'run'    'play'    'swim'    'work'    'wash'    'drive'
 Ej. He's playing football
| | |
1. | 2. | 3. |
| | |
4. | 5. | 6. |
Translate these sentences into English. / Traduce éstas frases al inglés.
1.Estamos jugando al tenis.

2.¿A qué se dedica Craig?. Es profesor.

3.No estoy mirando latelevisión, estoy trabajando.

4.Normalmente bebo whisky, pero ahora estoy bebiendo agua mineral.

5.¿Está lloviendo?. No, aquí nunca llueve en verano.

6.¿Qué están haciendo las niñas?. Están cenando en casa.

7.¿Por qué no estás estudiando?. Estoy viendo la televisión.

8.Estoy cantando bajo la lluvia (Gene Kelly)
| |
| |
| Televisión='tele' en inglés coloquial. También se llama'the box' (la caja) |
Change these sentences from present simple to present continuous. Use contractions and follow the example.
Cambia las siguientes frases de 'presente simple' a 'presente continuo'. Pon las contracciones y sigue el ejemplo.
Ej. I don't usually read books.
     I'm reading 'Harry Potter' at the moment because I saw the film.
1. He usually plays football on Saturdays. football at the moment.
2. She usually drinks vodka.
Now  Martini.
3. They always shop at the supermarket.
 at the market at the moment.
4. I don’t drive to work.
But today  to work.
5. He never runs on the beach.
But today  on the beach.
6. You don’t usually have eggs for breakfast.
Why  you  eggs for breakfast?
7. We usually speak Spanish at home.
 English because we want to practise. 
8.I usually take my wife to work in the car.
But today she  the bus. |
Exercises: (The answers are in the AUDIO)
Fill in the blanks with am/is/are/do/don’t/does/doesn’t
1. Excuse me _do____ you speak English?
2. Have a cigarette. No, thank you. I __don’t___ smoke.
3. Why ___are_ you laughing at me?
4. What _does___ she do? She’s a dentist.
5. I __don’t__ want to go out. It _is___...
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