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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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Double Core Android Coming Soon To You
November 30, 2010
By dailyandroid

Yes you have read that correctly double core processors are coming to the Android world. Some would call it “duo core” or “dual core” but I like double core so much better since it just sounds better and faster. I am sure some of you out there are wondering what the heck is doublecore or “duo core”? Well a simple definition is “A dual core processor is a CPU with two separate cores on the same die, each with its own cache. It’s the equivalent of getting two microprocessors in one”. Thank you Wisegeek for the definition. So why is this important to us Android peoples? Well lets go over the benefits shall we.
1. It pushes the Android platform forward as more and more devicesare released Google has to adapt its Android os to work with them. A recent rumor from states that GingerBread was not released so that Google could tweak it to work with Duo core phones full story here .
2. It pushes the other Mobile os’s forward since they need to improve to keep up with Android which in turn pushes Android forward so it is a win win situation for all.
3. Itpushes the rest of the hardware that goes with the phone since what phone maker is gonna put 128 mbs of ram on a duo core beast of a phone or tablet or anything less then a 8 mp camera. It will also push battery technology since the current batteries we have will be drained in a few minutes with the duo core goodness.
4. It adds another selling point for Android phones and tablets. Sure mostpeople wont know duo core from a hot fudge sundae but what they will know is that the phone or tablet flys when running any app and that is a great way to sell more Android devices.
Now that we went over that I am sure you are dieing to know what super fantastical Android devices will be getting the double Core goodness? Well without further ado here are the devices I have read about so far. ***disclaimer some of these are still rumors so don’t get upset with me if they don’t come out with the double goodness****
Our first rumored duo core phone comes to us from LG the site this info came from was full story can be found here LG’s 4-inch Android phone with dual-core Tegra 2 and 1080p video coming in early 2011. Here is some more information for this phone perhaps called the LGStar full story at
Our next rumored duo core is from Motorola this was the first rumor I heard for a duo core Android smart phone  this story has been chased down by Taylor Wimberly of The “Terminator” phone as Taylor calls it is has the official codename Motorola Olympus more info and stats at
Next would be the infamous Samsung “Nexus S” this isallegedly the phone ceo of Google Eric Schmidt had with him for the web 2.0 interview. has some more info on this phone *update not a Duo core phone Nexus S tech Specs *
And we can’t leave out Acer they recently revealed some duo core goodness in the form of a smart phones and 2 fabulous tablets the phone does not have a name but Acer is calling it “Acer next generation smartphone” Here is a small part of the press release “The new Acer smart phone with the soul of a tablet perfectly combines the capabilities of a smart phone with a tablet-like format: a huge 4.8” widescreen with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a super cool chassis.” there is no mention of Duel core in the press release but the rumors are flying full press release here. Image from they have anarticle on this phone here.
The 2 tablets Acer is releasing next year are a 10.1 inch and a 7 inch tablet. According to the press release only the 7 inch tablet has the duel core processor “The 7” inch tablet will feature a dual core processor” full press release here.
As I was writing this article I noticed I haven’t heard anything recently about a Duo Core Android phone from HTC. I knew they...
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