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3rd GRADE Unit 2: Rules and regulations

Classroom rules contest (must or mustn’t) We wear uniform We do our homework We arrive on time We respect each other We listen when our teacher or classmateis speaking We enter and exit the room quietly We respect other people’s opinions We participate in all classroom activities We call people by their proper names We treat everyone and their propertyrespectfully We bring all the books and materials needed for every class
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We shout in the classroom We leave the classroom withoutpermission We arrive late We speak in Spanish all the time We disturb people who are working We write or carve on your desk or school property We eat in the classroom We use our cell phones in class Weinterrupt each other We go to the toilet without permission We bring beverages to class

ACTIVITY: Classroom rules contest (must or mustn’t) – Pair work: speaking TIME: 30 minutes AIM: To listento and select the correct expression to complete an idea. LANGUAGE: Function 2.2 Expressing obligation PROCEDURE Before class: Make a copy of the worksheet for every four to six students and cut it asindicated. In class: 1. Divide the class into two groups of four to six students, give each group a set of cards, 2. Students will have to sit in a small circle and place all the cards face down inthe middle of them. 3. Explain to the students that they have incomplete rules in the pile of cards and that they will have to complete them with must or mustn’t to transform that sentence into a realrule of the classroom 4. One student will pick up one card and read it aloud for the rest, while the other students will listen and write on their notebook the complete sentence, but this timeincluding the words must or mustn’t, depending on which option they think fits the sentence better to transform it into a real classroom rule. 5. Exemplify the previous point by taking one of the sentence...
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