Planeacion bimestre i ingles secundaria tercer grado

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Teacher:Hortencia Hernández Villa. Groups: 3rd a,b,. Unit: “one: memories” Date: September 5th to November 11th 2011.

Social practice | Function | Sample productions | Aim of the class |
-ASKING FOR AND GIVING INF. ABOUT | | Todescribe memories and actions. To tell what you did or what you were doing. | Last week / Yesterday / Last vacation... I visited / she had / they swam...What were you doing yesterday at 7:00 o’clock?I was .... | To enable Ss to talk about their experiences in life about a day, a year or an hour ago. |
PAST MEMORIES. | | | | |

activities(consider the methodology framework) | objectives (Performance Evidences) | procedure (Reflection on language / Strategic competence) | MATERIAL | LINK(VINCULACIÓN) |
| | | | |
Regular and Irregular verbs | To review and recognize them. | From a whole Ss will make two categories according to their common sense.Ss will compare lists and they will look formistakes.T will give a final review and as a whole will do the final check. | Word cardsNotebookmarkers | Spanish |
What did you do..? | To talk about past experiences. | Ss will get a copy and they’ll work with a cross word activity.T: gives the present and Ss looks for the past and fill in the cross word.Ss make 5 examples using a different verb in past tense.SS share their examples. |CopiesColorsGluescissors | Mathematics |
Memories (my experiences). | To talk about what I did on vacation (use imagination). | T: tell me what happened on pages 18 and 19.Ss: give ideas about the pictures they see.Ex: I rode a camel in Egypt / I drank green tea in Japan, etc.Ss: prepare a short description about the pictures. What happened first, then, later, after that and finally. | BooksNotebooksDictionary | GeographyHistory |
How many actions do you know? | To be able to identify common verbs and their simple past in a simple reading. | Ss: read a student blog and get some of the verbs.They´ll try to match a simple past verbs with its present form.Ss will write a description about their summer vacation:Where you went, what you did, who you went with, if you enjoyed it, why… |Booksnotebooks | Science |
Remembering some very important for me or the world | To analyze a description about the crocodile hunter and what he did. | Ss will read and look for details. They´ll try to tell what happened, when he was born, what he did and how he died. | BooksPencilPen | Arts |
Pedro Infante | To identify the use of “was born”, “in”, “on”, “did” and “died”.How, what, when, why… | T willprepare a short biography description.His real name was José Pedro Infante Cruz. He was born on _______ in Mazatlan, Sin. He was one of the most famous actor and singer…He died in Merida whaen he was piloting…Ss will answer some comprehension questions.When and where was he born? Where was he raised?Was he famous? How and when did he die?Ss answer and will make a peer evaluation. | WallchartsPosterMarkers notebook | Physical Education |
Write about a person you admire.Quiz | To make use of simple past whiledescribing what a person did.To practice and consolidate verbs. | Ss will follow a given structure or they might change it in order to make a biography or description about a famous person.Example: Michael Jackson was born in …… on ……He was very famous. He sang all overthe world…. Ss will read their description to the class in a guess who activity.Activity to be evaluated.Multiple choice quiz. Peer evaluation | Poster / pictureGlueScissorsInternetcopies | |
Why do we give excuses? | To discuss some common excuses. Sorry I was / They were… | Ss will listen a conversation and say who gave the best excuse.Why you didn´t go? Because I was sleeping.Role play a...
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