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verbos parafraseados

1. Ask out... ask someone to go on a date
• He asked her out
• Daniel asked out to Mariza to the park in tomorrow

2. Bring about, Bring up... Cause
• He promised thathe would bring about change.

3. Bring up... rear children - mention or introduce a topic
• The mom bring up the children

4. Call back... returns a telephone call
• I return the call back fromthe shop

5. Call off ... cancel
• The party was called off, because of rain

6. Call on... ask to speak in class - visit
• The teacher will call on the student to prepare for the exam

7.Catch up (with)... reach the same position or level

8. Check in, check into... register in a hotel
• He checked in at the reception tonight

9. Check out... leave a hotel
• At this hotel, youmust check out by 11:00 am or pay for another day

10. Check out (of).. investigate – take a book from the library

11. Cheer up... make someone feel happy
• Here's a plate of chocolate icecream to cheer you up

12. Clean up... Make clean and orderly
• Sophia! clean up the flat before you go

13. Come across... meet by chance
• Today i came across this article in the paper

14.Cross out... draw a line throgh

15. Cut out... stop remove
• I have to cut out the grass

16. Drop by or drop in... visit informally

17. Drop off.. leave something or someone al a place
•I'll drop you off at your house after dinner

18. Drop out (of)... stop going to school to a class

19. Figure out... find the answer
• I'm trying to figure out what to do about my boyfriend20. fill out.. write the completions or questionaire or form
• fill out the application form in black ink

21. Find out... information

22. Get along (with)... be in harmony with
• My friendsand I get along very well

23. Get out of... leave a car – avoid something
the children could not get out of the building because it was on fire

24. Get over... recover
• Your ex-boyfriend...
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