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1. -It must always be asked: who, what. Why. How, where
*WHO: who the public will be. If a visual presentation is made, be sure everybody is able to watch it.(Check visual obstacles)
*WHAT: you need to know perfectly well what the purpose of the presentation is.
*WHY: wonder why the people that listen to you are there.
*HOW: how thepresentation will be staged. Power point, internet, etc…
*WHERE: where the presentation will take place. It you can , visit the place before time and familiarize yourself in it. Practice; evaluate the need ofa microphone, podium, etc…
2. - Organization of timing guides of presentation:
*Opening: 10-20 %
*Main idea: 65- 75 %
*Closing and conclusions: 10-20 %
4. - Tips to have confidence in yourself:*Being nervous is healthy, don’t worry, just prepare well.
*Relax : learn how to breath. Take a deep inhalation and try to hold the air for 5 seconds and the release it quickly. Do this severaltimes and the breath normally.
*Watch your body language: Project an image of self-confidence and you will feel relaxed and secure.
*Use visual contact with the audience. Look at them in the eyes.*Don’t apologize: If you make a mistake, don’t apologize. Learn to laugh about yourself.
There is always something that goes wrong in presentations.
*Forget about perfection: use proper stories and jokes.This is a business presentation and you must not look like a clown

30 - abril
4.4.- Vocabulary usage for selling products and services that might induce the consumer to buy:
1.- Need: it’s thesensation that a person has when lacking of something. Ex: Nourishment, clothing, shelter, all of them are basic and fundamental needs.
2.- Desire: it’s the sensation of lacking something specificthat satisfies a need. Ex: Water Vs Soda.
3.- Demand: once the necessity and the desire to satisfy it have appear with some kind of good, the demand appears when people ask for a concrete good....
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